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PureC was founded in 2009 by Paul Cordier and today focuses on guiding companies and projects where we believe we can create a difference.

We strongly believe that companies today are all about customer service and experience.

Both are strongly influenced by a companies main asset, being their employees, who can deliver this service and experience.

However in todays fast moving world, modern technologies, digitalization and data are needed to deliver on these ever growing customer expectation.

PureC likes to get inspired and influenced by expert visions and new trends and concepts out of various industries.

Our goal is to help companies reach their goal and stay on top of the competition by transforming our vision in a way that fits in with your company.

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Paul Cordier

Paul Cordier

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  • Zwaluwweg 69, 3140 Keerbergen, Belgium
  • +32 (0) 495 23 01 01
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